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Starting a Business: 6 Guaranteed Tips To Guide You To Success

So you're probably thinking about the possibility of getting yours started aren't you? Being inspired is great, but before you go on out there and start doing who-knows-what. It is important to get a little help, in fact, we all do!

Here are sure-fire tips to guide you to success in starting your own business:

1. Don't just think of an idea, find that passion in you! A lot of entrepreneurs & business owners have cash rolling in to their bank accounts and are gaining success through the years not just because they used whatever idea that would bring loads of money for them. The idea that they used is also their passion, they become rich doing what they love to do. So don't only think of the business as it is, make sure that it is also your passion, something you would love to do in the long run.

2. Identify your resources. Identify what you need, Skills, knowledge, Money, Team, Equipment, etc. Whatever you do start small, and build on the success. Keep all expenses to a minimum. Dream like you are 10,000 times but you take territory one bite at a time, this allows you to proven the model and grow organically as time goes by.

3. Identify your market - ForAs a business to become successful, you have to know if there is a market for your business and if there is, you have to understand and identify your target market. You need to know your target in greater details such as their age, income, gender, lifestyle, values, wants, needs, desires, fears frustrations, Its important for you to know the entire market share and how much of that you would like to capture. You have to know who you want to target and who you want to notice your products and/or services. You don't want to invest a lot with no proven market to sell. That's a big NO

4. Know Your Competition. Do your research, find out what your potential competitors are doing and generate ideas on how your business will uniquely different from them. Look at their product, price structure and promotions they are running, where they are advertising and where they sell their products or services. Make sure you offer your customers something unique or something better so that they will have a reason to choose to buy from you instead of your competitors.

5. Vision. Before you start your business, you must already see it in your mind. A lot of tend to just go ahead with a business without even visualizing the outcome. A business involves you, your ideas, your time and energy, your patience, your resources. Once you realize what setting up a business will require from you physically and mentally, you will then be on the right track to success.

6. Goals, you Goals act as measurable milestones that help us identify what and how to achieve our ultimate desire of financial success. It is important to keep track of everything in order for you to know if you're still headed the right way.

It is important to not only plan your business but to put it into action. Who knows, that idea of yours will somehow be the life changing event that will lead you to success.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Caroline Marsh is a member of Platinum Property Partners, a community of successful property investors, entrepreneurs and professional advisors in the UK. After earning her first million in just 9 months and having the privilege to be featured on Channel 4's "The Secret Millionaire", her success continues to inspire thousands. She established business mentoring programs that will help equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, tools and proven strategies to establish a successful business. Visit her website and sign up to get a free copy of her "Concept To Cash in 90 days - The 7 Secrets of Success Blueprint". Link for her website:

Risk and Payout: Binary Options Trading Tips

Intraday trading can be confusing for many people. Through time, with proper practice, and with the right information at the right time, you can become good at it. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Intraday trading tips are becoming popular these days, as there are now websites offering easier access and information regarding this activity. It may be confusing, however, for novices looking to cash in on this new trading trend. You should understand the basics before you can gain any proficiency in this endeavor. It is advisable to get all the necessary information and tips before you get started on same day trading.

Get a Reputable Binary Options Partner
In time and with enough practice, you can become good at binary options trading. Start building a strong enough foundation so you can become successful. Part of your training at this trading activity includes finding a reputable company you can trust as a partner. Many online brokers now exist, offering to help you trade, but you cannot invest all your money on the first firm with attractive marketing. Think thoroughly as this is a highly competitive field. Ask people you know who are investors and traders themselves, and get all the tips you can from them. They might help you choose the right broker.

Take Great Care when Trading
Intraday trading is easier than many other stock market activities. That is why a lot of people now do it. Find a credible trading platform before risking your money, and try the smallest allowable amount if it is your first time. Test the waters and see if this is a game you would like to play. Ask yourself whether you have fully understood the terms and conditions of the company you are partnering with. Think about privacy and security issues. These may be simple things, but failure to read the fine print in any deal may lead to problems in the long term.

Fast and Easy Platform Usage
Some companies have easier intraday trading platforms than others. User-friendly and intuitive interfaces are better as you are just starting. Avoid sites with confusing setups because you might end up losing money quickly without even knowing it. Browse and review all important components of the platform, including forums that might give you an idea what you are supposed to do or watch out for.

Think About Possible Earnings - But Don't Rush
When you become proficient with trading, you might find yourself becoming more concerned with payouts. Nothing is wrong with that, as you got into this to make money. People who like doing this appreciate how easy and quick it is to make significant cash. Sixty to 80 percent payout rates are possible. New traders may find this highly tempting, but control the urge to put in too much money before you understand the game fully. The chances of getting that much in exchange for the amount you risk is perhaps equal to the chance of losing it.

Trust Experience
You can get better at binary options trading over time and with enough experience. You must also trust the expertise of a reputable partner broker. This is a gamble, but if you have the right company supplying the necessary information, and if your experience has taught you important things, you can become a prolific binary options trader.

Kaiden Scott participates in intraday trading to become proficient in binary options trading.

Temp Your Way to Your Dream Job: 5 Smart Strategies for Success


The concept of job security is eroding quickly in this country. Frankly, "permanent" jobs are becoming a delusion. According to the Washington Post, more than a quarter of people who have found jobs since the recession ended have landed in temporary positions. This is a dramatic and unprecedented shift in the work place. In addition, "permanent" jobs are an illusion - with massive downsizing is your job really "permanent". Of course not! No job is permanent at any level or with any company.


Many are calling the lack of "permanent" opportunities a conspiracy... some have called it the beginning of the end of the middle class. They complain that companies are adding "consultants" to their ranks to avoid paying benefits and dealing with unionized workforces. Others lament that temp employment is making it difficult for many to qualify for a mortgage or build their credit score.


In these turbulent times, hiring managers simply can not get head count approval because corporations don't know what their business landscape will look like, from year to year. They're hedging their bets by creating temp jobs to fill in the gaps.

Think temp opportunities are all administrative in nature? Think again! Manpower North America recently reported that, "companies are hiring more middle management and even executive level workers for temporary or consulting jobs, especially project roles in accounting, finance, IT, engineering and healthcare."

The bright side? Temporary workers are staying in their posts longer, averaging 13.8 weeks. And many opportunities are much longer in duration. Typically, about half of those on temp assignments end up being hired as full-time employees. For the unemployed, these are not bad odds for finding the elusive, full-time opportunity. In fact, for many, contract employment is a back door entrance to a new career.

Temp Your Way to your Dream Job: 5 Smart Strategy for Success

1) Pick an agency wisely: Whether you want to shift your career or hone in on an industry, you can find an agency that focuses on the area of your interest, be it accounting, IT, marketing, pharma or environmental. The list goes on and on... Also, keep in mind that some temp/consulting firms actually DO provide benefits to their consultants/temps.

2) Communicate your goals: Are you trying to gain experience in a particular field or enhance your skill set? Let your agency recruiter know what you're looking for and exactly how you think you can "fit" this type of job. Ultimately, the agency recruiter works for the Companies that are hiring. It is up to the agency to make advantageous "matches." Explain your skills, your field of interest and "pitch" yourself for several scenarios that you would consider.

3) Go above and beyond: Once on the job, your first priorities are the tasks at hand. Do them to the best of your ability and then ask for more. Be visible, enthusiastic and engaged. Find ways to enhance the position and suggest improvements to the process without being obnoxious or pushy. How can your current temp role be done better? How can you help save money and be more efficient? Think about these issues while you are on the job and mention your solutions to your superiors.

4) Consider the job a loooooong interview: Ask questions. Be curious. And be on your best behavior. Do a little internal research on the different areas of the company and how they might appeal to you and your skill set. Find a way to delicately communicate the facts that you are "more than a temp" and that you are interested in a full-time opportunity with the firm. A word to the wise: Do not badger decision-makers with your goals and aspirations. Project professionalism.

5) Explore all opportunities while onsite: Seminars. Lunch and learn. Blood drives. After-work sports teams. Take every allowable opportunity to mesh into the fabric of the company. Become an "insider" and others will take notice. Scout out newly vacated/created positions on internal job boards. Even if a job does not materialize, you will make new connections, expand your network and potentially open doors to other unknown opportunities.

Instead of dreading the prospect of temping, why not embrace it? After all, there is one major benefit to working on a contract basis-it's a great way to test drive a company before you commit.

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Choose The Best Photo Album Software Program

There are plenty of choices available with regards to creating a photo album. It is crucial that you do your research carefully before you purchase any type of photo album software though. Every different kind of software will have a different set of capabilities and these may make a big difference with regards to your capabilities as far as creating photo albums goes. Here are a few things that you might want to have a look at when you are deciding exactly what software program to purchase or make use of.


When you look at photo album software you need to have the ability to do a great deal with it. It should not just be in a position to put pictures in the right order and create pages. It ought to be able to edit the images to some degree and to create a number of effects that may enhance your picture display in your picture album.


It is important that the photo album software you purchase is really worth what you pay for it. You do not want to end up with limited software that cost an arm and a leg. At the same time you do not want to risk getting less expensive software that may be corrupted or not fulfil the claims it makes on its product description. It is best to figure out what your financial allowance is and then to see what you can get at that price and to research those goods to make sure that it will do everything that you need it to do.

Operating system

You need to ensure that the actual photo album software which you invest in is going to work on your operating system. Some software packages have specifications that may exceed your system capabilities. There are also certain kinds of software out there which will only work on particular operating systems, if you do not run that operating-system n your computer then you will be unable to run that particular software program.

Usability or ease of use

It is important that you find photo album software that's simple to use. You don't want to end up spending hours on a picture album that should take at most just one hour to do simply because the software you're utilizing makes even the simplest of tasks challenging and complicated as well as long winded. The more quickly the software enables you to do things like rearrange pages or photos the better. It might take time to get things looking exactly how you would like but you must be able to rearrange things easily.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that you need to think about when it comes to the software that you use to produce photo albums. Ensure that you take a look at many of these aspects as well as anything else that may be important to you before you decide to lay any money down and buy a software package that may not be what you are really looking for.

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Why Would You Look At A Coffee Table Book?

It is the dream of a lot of women to have a story book wedding. They really want a white dress and delightful flowers and the man of their dreams at their side saying the magic words "I do". There is no better way remember your wedding than a coffee table book.

Most wedding brides will hire a digital photographer to capture those special moments within their wedding. They'll often offer a package deal of some type to the bride. A lot of these deals include some kind of a coffee table book. This is a book that's modest enough to be left on the coffee table at home for people to have a look at whenever they want. The book will contain a number of pictures which have been chosen by the photographer, bride and bridegroom. They will often be of the ceremony along with other special moments within the wedding that the bride and groom want to remember for the rest of their lives.

You may be wondering why the coffee table book is really a big deal to a lot of people. Right here is the solution:

Memories fade!

It is a fact that over time your own memories of even the most important day in your life will fade and be distorted. The only way to keep those experiences fresh and vibrant is to have photos of the time in question. For a wedding not just any photos will do. The actual pictures used have to be the best and of the most significant moments, the moments the couple want to remember the most. The photos should also be edited and made to appear as perfect as well as precise as possible. The point is to enable the husband and wife to remember their big day in full colour and with out blemish.

You needn't only have a coffee table book for a wedding ceremony however. You could have one made of the first few days of your child's life. It might be a book focused on all the essential moments in your life. The topic the book covers ought to be something which is extremely important to you and one that you want to remember forever.

The sight of a picture may bring to mind complete events and complete memories that would otherwise have faded in to obscurity. In the event that those memories fade then a little story of the event will go a long way to keeping the memory alive for many years. If you tell the actual stories to your children they'll be able to remind you when you're no longer able to remember by yourself.

There are lots of benefits to having a coffee table book made from important times in your life. You will be able to share those moments with people who're important to you and you will be able to remember those moments for several years to come. Just make sure that you use pictures that really describe the actual moments that mean most to you so that the memories are kept vividly alive even after you are no longer able to remember all of them.

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Learning To Make Coffee Table Photo Books

If you happen to be a wedding photographer there will likely come an occasion when a client will ask you to create a coffee table book for them. When that time arrives you want to be able to do it straightaway. You don't want to have to do a load of research and try to figure it out on your own. This is a look at how to make coffee table books so you are ready for that eventuality.

One thing to do is actually discuss with your client what size they want the book to be. They may want one that's the size of an A5 page or perhaps they might desire a bigger book. You also need to discuss the amount of pages that they would like you to put into the book. This will give you a basis for quoting them to create the coffee table photo book that they would like as well as provide you with a concept of just how much work is going to be involved and how many pictures you are going to have to edit.

Once you have figured out how many pages and just how big those pages are going to be you will have to actually take the pictures that you need to fill the book with. Make sure that you capture all of the essential moments within the marriage ceremony and ensure that you capture them a lot of times. You want to be able to pick and choose your photos and the more photos you have the much better since that gives you more options. It is important that you pay attention to the settings on your camera as you want to have to do as little editing of the photos as you possibly can.

Once you have got all the photos for the coffee table photo books that you are going to make it's time to go through them and find the very best of the lot. It is not just about the quality of the shot it's about the actual expressions on the subjects faces and also the layout of the image and all the other content related things too. A lower quality image might be better since it captures true emotion on the faces of those in the image.

Once that's done and the photos are all edited to bring out the very best in them it is time to do the actual layout. The typical thing would be to place the pictures in chronological order. You do not have to do that though. Be sure that you get them all laid out in a manner that compliments the subjects and also makes sense.

The last thing to do is to get approval from the wedding couple and to get it printed. Make sure that the printer you utilize is reliable and will also be able to do what you would like. It is also essential that you make any changes the couple want before you send it off to be printed. Seems easy, however wait until you give it a try.

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The Essential Portable Gantry Crane Checklist

A crane is a very useful machine that can be employed for moving heavy objects by suspending them from a long beam that lifts, moves, and places the object in question. One of the most recent innovations in this field is the telescopic mast straddle crane, which can be classified as a portable gantry crane. This unit is not only compact, but offers you highly efficient service. What also works in the favor of this product is that it's immensely economical.

It can be used both indoor and outdoor for carrying, moving and placing loads that weigh up to 50,000 lbs. So if you need to lift, move or place heavy duty shipping cargo containers or large generator boxes, this particular crane is perfectly suited to your needs. The crane can easily straddle a flatbed or a semi truck for precisely placing or lifting various objects. Such products are best used at ports, warehouses, manufacturing facilities or construction sites. The portable gantry crane can be effectively used for lifting the load to a height of 120".

Most crane operators are mainly concerned about whether the crane offers a smooth and jerk-free operation. With this crane, you get all this and much more. Since it is hydraulically operated, you can expect a jolt-free operation. It comprises four synchronized masts that make positioning, lifting and placing a cakewalk for crane operators.

This makes the portable gantry crane a much better and reliable alternative to expensive hoists and drive systems.

Here are some important facts that you should consider before investing in a shop crane or gantry crane:

    The first thing to consider would be the exact purpose for which you would be using a crane. If you need it for lifting shipping containers, loading and unloading large containers in a truck, or for moving heavy-duty castings, you need to choose a machine that can handle all these loads smoothly.

    The next important thing would be the travel range of the crane in question. In most cases, you might need to lift loads to a vertical height of anywhere between 6 feet to 12 feet. Your chosen crane should be able to meet these criteria.

    You should be able to use the crane either indoor or outdoor. If you are using it outdoor, do remember to take a look at the materials that have been used for constructing the machine. It needs to be rugged and corrosion resistant. Ideally it should be made from heavy duty structural steel.

    The manufacturer of a gantry crane or shop crane should give you an option between towable or self-propelled models. If you are choosing a self-propelled model, then do remember to opt for powered steering for ease of maneuvering.

    Another very important question to ask the manufacturer would be whether the portable gantry crane can be easily assembled as well as disassembled (knocked down) for transportation and storage.

I am, a writer and an Material handling equipment industry expert portable gantry crane,shop crane,scissors lift, lift table, hydraulic lift table, & lifting components and everything related to this industry interests me and is my passion. Over the past few years, I have covered different Material handling equipment industry related news and have been writing on the same.

Mind The Gap In Conversations

If you have traveled on the London underground, I'm sure you are familiar with the voice recording that reminds us to "mind the gap" each time we step on and off the train.

Imagine commuting to London every day and hearing "mind the gap" when we step on and "mind the gap" when we step off, day in, day out. After a while, we will not hear the recording anymore because we will have edited it out from our consciousness. It will have become meaningless background noise.

In the workplace, it's much the same, except we don't have the recording to remind us. Every time we step into a conversation and every time we step off from a conversation, there's always a gap. The width of the gap depends on many factors, including how clear the reason for the conversation was understood, how much each person participated and how well the outcome was articulated and owned.

Over time, and often unbeknown to us, the gap in certain conversations can take on a life of its own - it gets bigger and bigger, and sometimes it increases exponentially.

The gap is a moving divide that represents a lack of shared understanding between parties. For example, a gap can grow between two people, or between employees and management or between the organization, its customers and stakeholders.

If we did have a voice warning us every time we stepped into a conversation, it should be "close the gap," so that when we step off from the conversation, everyone is on the same platform, so to speak.

William Isaacs, in his book Dialogue and the art of thinking together,said that "Dialogue... is a conversation with a centre, not sides. It is a way of taking the energy of our differences and channeling it toward something that has never been created before."

The concept of having a centre to every conversation, and not taking sides, in other words, not creating a gap, is foreign to the way many of us have been acculturized through our schools, religious institutions and families.

Part of our acculturation is our response to positional power and hierarchy within the organization. If we respond to authority with compliance or defiance for example, we bring less than our full selves to the table.

If one could quantify the actual loss of collaboration, creativity and engagement, we'd be astounded at what it costs the business when we do not close gaps in the workplace.

It's the conversations we have with ourselves where the first cracks appear. This can happen when we censor our truth because we fear authority or because we do not want to lose approval.

The gaps in the conversations we have with ourselves and the gaps that result when we think we have communicated well with others, creates environments of less coherence and decreased engagement. These gaps of omission and misunderstanding impact on employees and customers, and add avoidable real costs and stress to the workplace.

The fact that gaps exist in every organization invites the creation of a new type of balance sheet, one that includes the hard numbers combined with the cost of pain points and stressors as a result of gaps that grow between our customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Close the gap

To close gaps at work and home and enjoy greater clarity, coherence and better outcomes, we need to engage in real dialogue: the courageous exchange of meaning that invites self-disclosure in which we explore and express our gut feelings, our insights, our true perspectives, and our concerns.

When we engage in this kind of communication, we risk being vulnerable. And yet, it's when we seem most vulnerable that the magic happens. Engaging authentically opens the door for greater respect and collaboration and closes gaps that limit coherence.

Surprising outcomes can result such as:

    Improved productivity
    Improved morale and staff retention
    Enriched professional and personal relationships
    Decreased political posturing and power games
    Improved organizational coherence
    Improved performance and
    More productive conversations at all levels

So, how does one go about minding and closing gaps?

We believe that three simple elements used interchangeably will close the gap in any conversation:

    To Examine my assumptions and perceptions;
    To Explore the other person's experience with curiosity rather than judgment; and
    To Express my experience honestly and authentically

Used skilfully, the three E's of engagement create the rhythm of authentic engagement.

As we practise the rhythm of engagement, we get better at closing gaps at work and building coherence that yields amazing and unexpected outcomes.

Dene Rossouw is co-founder of and in Vancouver, specializing in influencing and innovative solutions. He helps his clients have the necessary conversations of leadership and helps organizations innovate by leveraging the power of employee ideas. He can be reached at 1.778.386.5167.

5 Tips On How You Can Succeed In Business

Following are 5 tips on how you too can succeed in business. Have you struggled with business success or struggled to grow your business? Then read on I'm sure these tips on how to succeed in business and having the right mindset will be useful for your entrepreneurial success.

1. Belief I think that belief is one of the most important qualities that you need to have as a business owner.
Having belief in your company, in what your doing and most importantly in yourself is crucial to ensure you succeed in business. I do not know one successful business owner who doesn't have a high sense of self belief. Your strong self belief will be obvious to your customers, employees and anyone else you have dealings with. How can others believe in you or your business if you don't believe?!

2. YOU are the most important company asset. Yes its true, it's not the company computer system or the 1st class machinery that you invested in, you are the most important asset, and if you want to succeed in business it is crucial you look after yourself. Finding that work / life balance is crucial to keeping you healthy, energised and focussed on your business. Burn yourself out and you don't do anyone favours. Keeping yourself fit and healthy also does wonders for your attitude, your passion and your mental alertness and outlook.

3. It is important to encourage constructive criticism and seek feedback for improvement on a regular basis.
What is also important is accepting that criticism and putting a plan in place for improvements. If your serious about wanting to succeed in business then asking for criticism is crucial to enable improvement and growth. If your welcoming and accepting of this type of feedback then your employees will continue to provide feedback and you can continue to make company improvements. If you aren't accepting and do not make change as a result of receiving criticism then very quickly your employees will stop being honest with you and will not have any faith in you or your company values.

4. Step out of your comfort zone now and again! Change is extremely difficult for some people, and often comes with much planning, additional cost and impact to your staff and company. Change is essential for both growth and improvement, for personal and company growth we need to step out of our comfort zones. In order to ensure you succeed in business and for your business to grow you need to step out of your comfort zone occasionally and make changes.

5. Loving what you do will show from your enthusiasm and the way you speak about your business in the form of passion.
Passion helps you get through when you come up against challenges, its helps you succeed in business. Passion can't be taught, it comes from within and if you are passionate everyone will know. It is easy to sell your products or your business when your passionate as it shows.

Many of the problems that we have in business that hold us back can be resolved by following the above characteristics and attitudes. They provide you a good foundation to succeed in business and good qualities that you can use in other areas of your life. It is worth while stepping back every now and again to assess your business from the outside, from there you can see what you have perhaps fallen short and find areas that need refocus in order to achieve your business success.

Are you tired of struggling to get ahead in business or life and feel like your not getting anywhere? If this sounds familiar you can change with the right tools.

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Freight Shipping Services for Inventories

Worldwide manufacturing companies and supplying companies indulge in heavy shipping of goods and inventory all across the world. In order to send inventories across the boundaries, they take help of freight shipping companies that offer different types of shipping services from sea shipping to road transportations services. Shipping companies help manufacturing and supplying companies with the aim to deal with intricate logistics and urgent freight forwarding needs of major companies. They offer high-level of professional service - whether using their express sea, air or road transportation services.

Companies choose transportation services as per their needs and business objectives. They use sea freight services as it is a cost effective mode of getting your goods from one place to another. It is often regarded as a slow mode of transportation services. Shipping firms offers LCL (less than a container load shipments) and FCL (full container loads) from source to destination. They offer RO/RO (roll on - roll off) for the shipment of automobiles and breakbulk services for large pieces of machinery. Their integral worldwide network of associates also makes sure fast, responsible, timely customs clearance and delivery in their transportation.

For fast executions, companies often rely on road transportation services when they need to deliver in the same country or region. It is considered as a fast means of transport. It is very competitive option when budget is less. Prices given for shipments by road will normally be "door to door" (all inclusive). They also provide special services for very urgent shipments.

For extra fast transportation, companies believe in air freight services. Shipping companies offer comprehensive air freight shipping services and also offer "consolidation" services. They manage to provide door-to-door and global delivery services. They can even handle hazardous commodities to most areas. Their extensive network of agents can deliver almost anywhere in the world.

Features of Freight Shipping Services:

1. They deliver a comprehensive range of shipping services, particularly engineered to fit the transportation needs of the manufacturing and supplying firms

2. They provide an inclusive, economical and reliable freight shipping services

3. They have a network of overseas freight forwarding agents

4. They provide a super quality freight shipping service

Today, freight shipping knows and understands the urgent requirement for speed when a customer needs air, sea and road freight shipping services. They provide complete safety, reliability; flexibility and fast delivery of inventory as per the needs of the businesses.

The author is associated with RAK Logistics. RAK Logistics is recognized as one of the leading freight companies in the UAE providing reliable sea freight services port-to-port, cargo freight services and door to door freight services consistently; the company has prided itself on superior price offering, transit times, services, and reliability.

Sustainable Development in Smart Phone

A latest report showed the operating profit of Apple and Samsung in the second quarter accounted for 108% of the industry. As a dominant company in smart phone field, Apple would still maintain good selling performance, so would Samsung. Facing the financial crisis and so strong competitors, what should other smart phone manufacturers do to fight for their own living space; applying sustainable development in the smart phone is an excellent and long-term choice.

Sustainable development means to satisfy the requirements of contemporary people without damaging the interests of future generations. From the definition, sustainable development capacity and green awareness are two inevitable basic requirements. Then how to apply sustainable development in the smartphone production?

First, develop a new solar charger.

The use of new energy is always an item emphasized by various manufacturers and countries. In the smart phone field, the use of new energy will undoubtedly become a huge value-added point. As we all know, the short maintain time is a common flaw of various smart phones, so a new a solar charger can be designed, then in sunny days, users can use the smart phone along with indirectly charging for it, which not only can save the electricity consumption when charging, but also can remain sufficient power, improving the situation of carrying charger whenever going out.

Second, emphasize the application of environmental protection.

80% respondents in China concern whether the product is environmental friendly, 65% care the environmental situation of the company and 51% prefer green product though a little more expensive. Environmental protection is a social concern but more part of corporate responsibility. A company's green image will not only be a plus of the brand, but even directly generate profits, which shows if along the direction of environmental protection, any product or corporate will be the darling of the market, according to a report.

The popularity of ultra-thin smart phone is also connected with the sense of green. Because the thin machine body can be carried easily and achieves streamline and save in the use of a variety of materials and devices. So, in the aspect of environmental protection, smart phone can make progress in designing streamline and small phones, besides, the choice of the machine body's color can be green that expresses the sense of hope, freshness and clean.

At last, pursue innovation, emphasizing innovation-driven growth market with long-term growth potential, which is especially expressed in the definition of sustainable development. Sustain means no stop; innovation can always keep and increase corporeity's vitality. Simon Electronics, a company with business spreading in over 190 countries, invested 3.925 billion euro in the research and development of 2011, accounting for 5.3% of the turnover of Simon Electronics. Only through constant innovation can the company develop sustainably; it is the constant innovation and introduction of iPhone series and Galaxy series that lay the foundation of Apple and Samsung's leading position in the market share.

Who will dominate the smartphone market in the future depends on the struggling of today. Put the concept of sustainable development into product design and develop, introducing new green smart phone is the right direction of development. If doing so, the next victor may be you. Act now; hold the application of sustainable development in the smart phone.

The author comes from Baitron Electronics (

ECommerce Trends to Watch for Holiday 2012 Selling

Though your business may still be feeling the heat of summer, the holiday season is just around the corner. The crush of shipping and delivery orders typical of November and December is going to place fresh demands on your resources. But you can make the most of the season by investigating some of the top trends in eCommerce. One or more may be the way customers will be doing their holiday shopping this year.

• Independent Retailers. Sites like Etsy, Artfire and Instructables have changed the perception of how "regular people" sell their wares online. No longer are small businesses tied to large commercial sites like eBay or Amazon; instead, they take their brands to sites that draw consumers already interested in browsing and buying. And it's not just arts and crafts taking this route. Some everyday commodities, like consumer electronics and household tools, are showing up on independent retailing sites.

• DIY eCommerce. For retailers who wish to bypass the competition on retail sites, services like Shopify allows them to build their own eCommerce store. Design services, secured shopping carts, unlimited bandwidth and other services impart a professional look and feel to these sites, allowing their owners to compete with Etsy and other large retailers.

• Social Gifting. The power of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks for business has been well established. They facilitate brand awareness and credibility long before the transaction takes place. For 2012, the social media trend in eCommerce point to social gifting, which lets users purchase and send gifts via their social accounts. According to Daily Deal Media, retailers "are realizing that social gifting gives them the chance to engage targeted shoppers by paying peanuts as compared to conventional advertising methods."

• Mom & Pop Sites. The little shop on the corner has gone digital. Even as consumers are swamped with coupons and promotions tied to big-box stores and sites, the "mom & pop" effect of a small, personal company draws attention. Mom & pops can effectively target local consumers; use SEO to facilitate search results, and offer personalized service and flexibility on perks like free shipping and payment options.

• Remarketing. If you've ever researched a product or service -- only to find an ad for it popping up on a completely different site later on -- you've experienced remarketing. Thanks to tags on Google AdWords, this technology "follows" consumers around the Internet. Some people find remarketing a little creepy and "stalker"-like, but for other retailers, keeping a product top-of-mind represents a good investment.

• Mobile. Smartphones are improving, tablets are on fire, and everyone wants their shopping on-the-go. Just like last holiday season, this year's consumer traffic will be largely driven by mobile devices. Though the most common mobile activity is comparing prices and reviews, the trend toward purchasing from the phone means that retailers need to keep their virtual doors open around the clock. And while the technology allows for unprecedented access, the limitations of space on smartphone or even a tablet demands a simple, user-friendly interface that facilitates shopping.

• "Touchpoint" Commerce. Consumers expect to find what they want from a website, a mailed catalog, a brick-and-mortar store, a social site, an app, or any combination. The challenge for companies is to maintain a consistent look and feel for their eCommerce campaign across multiple channels, and to ensure that shoppers get a good experience from every touchpoint. For the upcoming holiday season, the touchpoint trend points to online maps that guide consumers to physical stores; and QR codes that enable purchases thorough interactive displays and ads.

• Email, Texting and Chat. Sometimes the established technology is the best option. Companies committed to customer relationships across the purchase cycle will continue to use traditional, familiar technology to stay in touch, promote special offers and thank shoppers for their business. Just as online marketing is eclipsing traditional methods like direct mail, Yellow Pages and radio spots, emerging ecommerce trends will continue to drive purchases as consumers become more mobile and more tech-savvy.

Jan Stewart writes exclusively for Medallion Fulfillment & Logistics, a family owned fulfillment service business located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. When you need simple or comprehensive assistance with warehousing, order processing, and shipping for your store or e-commerce business, consider Medallion first. Visit them at

Why You Need the Help of an Executive Business Coach

Running a business is no easy task. You have to consider several facets of operating a business for your company to experience growth. Your company's progress depends on how well your processes go. With the help of an executive business coach, it will be easier to reach your goals for the company.

It is normal for any business to experience problems. What matters most is how you resolve them and get back in the game. Sometimes, it is hard to face these problems especially when they are internal. It takes the point of view of an outsider to realize the issues within your company. For start-up businesses, problems may come early on and you should take this as a learning experience for the company.

Getting business coaching franchises may help you find ways to resolve your company's current issues. Most problems persist because the executive or the leaders do not know how to handle them. As executives, they should be responsible for everyone under them. The staff should see them as a leader and not a simple boss they work for. Business coaching helps executives become better leaders so they can encourage their team to do well and achieve more.

Conflicts within the office can be a normal thing even for smaller companies. You get to work with people of different personalities, background, and skills. These differences may spark conflicts that can affect daily productivity. A hostile work environment may have a negative impact on your company. It is the job of the leader to know how to handle this type of problem before it affects a major part of the company. The staff is a huge part of the equation in achieving goals. Business coaching franchises help executives become more prepared in handling these situations.

An executive business coach provides an outer perspective in dealing with problems in your company. With their background and personal experiences, they can help give insight and effective solutions. Sometimes, your company may not be experiencing any internal conflict but your progress seems to be slow moving. Business coaches help executives learn more about the current status of the company. They can help determine the strengths to sustain and weaknesses to improve on.

Business coaches have to be great communicators and should have good eye for detail. You need to find those who can break down complex topics into simpler subjects anyone can easily understand. Apart from the executives, the staff should also gain knowledge on how to improve their performance at work. Business coaches often provide seminars to help develop the work ethic of your staff.

Look for executive coaching services online and watch the continued progress of your company. Some companies provide an in-depth program to help you achieve your goals within a set timeframe. Find professionals who can guide you through the process and improve how you manage your business. Executive coaching is the first step to your company's growth and development.

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Why First Class Isn't Worth It

The airplane tickets that we printed at the self-serve kiosk said "Seat assignments cannot be given at this time. Please check in at the gate to receive seat assignments."

So I did. I approached the ticket counter and showed the attendant my tickets. She immediately picked up a stack of tickets that were on the counter waiting for us and handed them to me without saying a word. I glanced at the tickets to make sure they had our names on them. I'd hate for the plane to go down and for everyone to think we were the Chckzentmi family from Uzbekistan. If we go down, we go down as the Hensons from Columbus.

Yep, yep, yep, yep. All four names matched the names of my family. All was good, so I walked back to my wife - the holder of all important documents and chewing gum - and handed her the tickets. She obviously looked more thoroughly at the ticket because she poked me and said, "These are FIRST CLASS." I hadn't noticed that little detail.

Now I know I'm incredibly famous and all, but I fly coach. In fact, I choose seats in the very back of the airplane (see the note at the bottom of the article if you want to know why). I think I've only flown first class twice in my life, and those were times I was bumped off a flight due to overbooking. And my family has NEVER flown first class together.

So, this should have been a big deal.

But it wasn't.

Because the attendant didn't make it a big deal.

And she should have.

Do you know the price difference between coach and first class for this flight? $526. PER PERSON. That's $2104 for my family of four. And do you know what makes it worth more than $2k extra?

Me, neither.

Let me run down the differences between my recent first class experience and my many, many coach experiences:
1. We got to board before everyone else. Great. So every other passenger can bump me with their bag or their booty on their way through first class. I'm pretty sure some of them did it on purpose.

2. Bigger seats & bigger armrests. For me, personally, this is the biggest benefit because I have a thing about airline armrest etiquette.

3. The attendant brought us a pre-flight drink while we were waiting for takeoff. I'll estimate that was about 17 cents total for the 8 drops of Diet Coke in those little plastic cups.

4. The attendant brought us a cup of warm mixed nuts. Nice touch, but still a long way to go to reach a couple grand worth of extra value.

5. A free cookie. I've eaten a lot of cookies in my life. This was no $500 cookie.

6. Decent coffee in a ceramic mug instead of a styrofoam cup.

7. A "special" magazine in the seat pocket in front of me targeted to people who make more money than Bill Gates.

8. We got to get off the plane first... while the white hot hatred of everyone behind us burned holes in our backs because it took me an extra five seconds to get my bag unstuck from the overhead compartment.

The entire time on the flight, the attendant never really spoke to me, my wife, or my kids. Oh, she asked if we wanted the nuts and the cookie, and she did say the obligatory airline attendant "buh bye" as we exited the aircraft, but that was it.

Let me tell you what I would do if I ran first class for an airline: I would make passengers feel like they are the most special people in the whole wide world.

From the minute I would hand them their first class boarding pass until the minute they start trudging back up the jetway into the airport, I would do more than check off my drink/nuts/cookie checklist. I would SMILE at them. I would talk to them. I would ask them about their kids. I would compliment them on their awesome scarf. I would tell them about a great new app they should check out on their iPad. I would point out the VIP magazine. I would give them as many cookies as they want. I would massage their feet. I'm kidding, I would limit the cookies to 10.

I would make them feel like they were a big deal. I would make them feel FIRST CLASS.

Here's what I think has happened. First class has lost its lustre... to the flight attendants. They do the same thing on several flights a day, several days a week, every week of the year. It gets old. It gets normal. It doesn't feel special anymore. And it shows.

Delivering first class service is like maintaining a first class marriage: you have to work at it to keep it that way. You can't let it get old. You can't let it get normal. You have to show up every day ready to give it 100%, and often more. You have to massage their feet.

Yes, we should be delivering the best service we can at all times. We all know that. But if you offer a first class upgrade, a VIP section, or a gold membership to any part of your business, you need to make sure it FEELS that way to your customer. And a first class experience doesn't come from warm nuts and a cookie. It comes from a warm attitude and a connection.

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Cybersecurity and FedRAMP: A Mandatory Combination

The fact that cybersecurity is mandatory in the federal marketplace has, until now, been a widely held belief, but without a specific process or policy to guide the federal agencies who are moving to cloud-computing services. This deficit has been corrected with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

According to the General Services Administration (GSA), FedRAMP is the result of close collaboration with cybersecurity and cloud experts from GSA, NIST, DHS, DoD, NSA, OMB, the Federal CIO Council and its working groups, as well as private industry.

These federal agencies collaborated to develop FedRAMP as a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud-based products and services. In the past, each agency incurred the costs to independently manage its own security risks, assess Information Technology (IT) systems and deploy improvements. This process proved to be inconsistent, duplicative, expensive and inefficient, and often failed to incorporate a focus on real-time threats and identify mitigation processes quickly.

The anticipated agency benefits include reduced costs, standardized security assessments and continuous monitoring, as well as quicker adoption of cloud-based services and products and bottom-line agency confidence in the security of cloud-based systems.

GSA further stated that "FedRAMP is mandatory for federal agency cloud deployments and service models at the low and moderate risk impact levels. Private cloud deployments intended for single organizations and implemented fully within federal facilities are the only exception."

This is great news if a company is one of the "approved cloud service providers" that can prove that their products and service implement the required security controls needed to meet the security requirements outlined in FedRAMP. The bad news is that if a company is not on the "approved" list, there is little to no chance of seeing business in the federal cybersecurity market.

More information can be found at Check with the contractors noted below for possible subcontracting opportunities on these and other federal contract awards.

• AAI Corp., Hunt Valley, won a $358 million contract from The U.S. Army Contracting Command for Tactical Common Data Link Retrofit Kits and Related Equipment for the Shadow Unmanned Aircraft System.

• Ameritel Corp., Rockville, won a $17,733 contract from the National Institute of Standards and Technology for a copier with security features.

• John J. Kirlin LLC, Rockville, along with four other contractors, won a $585 million contract from The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for design and construction services for the Medical Repair and Renewal Program.

• The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, won a $922.9 million contract from the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) for providing the MDA with essential engineering, research and development capabilities for the Ballistic Missile Defense System.

• Manufacturing Support Industries, Hebron, won a $9,353,267 contract from the U.S. Army Contracting Command for the M249 blank firing attachment and replacement stems to be used in training exercises.

• Northrop Grumman Systems Corp., Linthicum, won a $76,727,752 contract from the U.S. Army Contracting Command for engineering and technical services in support of the Vehicle and Dismount Exploitation Radar system.

• Smith's Detection, Edgewood, won a $16,868,181 contract from U.S. Army Contracting Command for M4A1 joint chemical agent detectors, communication adapters, confidence checker, platform integration kit and sieve pack.

• Sun Edison LLC, Beltsville, won a $38.4 million contract from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base for electricity to be provided from a photovoltaic array built, owned and operated by the contractor.

• Two Rivers Medical, St. Charles, won a $9,746,492 contract from the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity for medical sets, kits and outfits for deployable units in theater.

• URS Federal Technical Services, Germantown, won a $21,977,441 contract from The Naval Sea Systems Command for professional support services to Team Submarine in support of Towed Array Systems, associated component systems, and Hull Sensor Systems.

Gloria Berthold Larkin is president of TargetGov in Elkridge. Visit or call toll-free 1-866-579-1346 for more information.

You've Come A Long Way - Even If You Don't Think So

Can it be we're halfway through the year already? My business coaching clients always like it when we pause at this point to assess how far they've come since January. It's a chance for us to acknowledge all the good work they've been doing. Yes, it's easy to focus on what you haven't accomplished, but I prefer to focus instead on what my clients have achieved so far.

Give it a try. Here are the questions I asked my clients this year, inspired by a similar questionnaire created by author and coach Cheryl Richardson. After each question, I've included a response or insight shared by one of my clients. Names and identifying details have been changed.

1. What's the most important change you've made so far this year?
Sally: "I've increased my awareness of what I need to thrive in my life. The work we've done together identified my needs and values. Then we created actions that support those needs and values. Now when I'm feeling out of sorts, I know I can take one of those action steps and get back on track."

2. How have you taken better care of yourself?
Tom: "I decide at night whether I'm going to work out in the morning. If it's a yes, I spend ten minutes before bed laying out my gym clothes and arranging the first priority for my workday on top of my desk. By doing this, I put my mind at rest that I can jump into my work when I get to the office a little later than normal. This has doubled my weekly workout sessions from the two I was doing on the weekend to four throughout the week."

3. What risks have you taken? What fears or challenges have you faced?
Cheryl: "I started a new business this year. I'm an introvert, but I know I have to get out there and talk to people. With help from my coach, I created a plan that fits who I am. I prepare for conversations before I show up at a networking meeting. I identify the number of people I want to connect with, and I have a few questions and comments ready to go. It's a relief to know I don't have to meet everyone in the room. I can do this!"

4. How have you grown as a person? What qualities have you developed? For example, are you more patient, focused, financially responsible?
John: "I like to be right, to share my thoughts and ideas and win. This year, in my new role in a different department of my company, I've had to build relationships with a lot of new people. I've realized that rather than competing with everyone, I can collaborate and go further."

5. How has your environment changed? Have you cleaned up your home or office, challenged yourself to throw things out, or added some beauty to your life?
Carol: "I've been complaining about the clutter in my house for years. I read books and get energized, and then it fizzles. Last month I read It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh and something finally clicked. Rather than just removing stuff, he recommends creating a vision for each room. Each person who uses the room creates a vision, and then the visions are combined. I've been using visualizing in my coaching for years, but I never thought of using it to de-clutter. I have an agreement from my husband to work on our bedroom next weekend. I'm thrilled to have a willing partner in this process!"

6. What have you done to help others improve the quality of their lives?
Jonathan: "I'm training to be a coach. One of the most important skills I'm learning is how to ask questions, as opposed to giving advice. I use this not only in my work, but with my friends. Questions help people gain clarity about what they really want. Then they can create a plan to get there."

I hope these questions have gotten you thinking about what you've already accomplished this year - and maybe have even re-energized you during these hot summer days. Pat yourself on the back! Now, where can you take a step forward for the remainder of the year?

Andrea Novakowski, MBA, is an executive coach who has been helping clients align their professional goals with their personal values since 1997. She guides executives from strategic vision to measurable action plans, and works with high-potential employees seeking to move up in their careers. By tapping into Andrea's knowledge, tools and skills, clients are able to meld career development and personal growth to reach higher productivity and deeper levels of job and personal satisfaction. Learn more at

Hazmat Employee - A Brief Overview

In the US, the implementation of a Hazmat training even in small businesses is encouraged. The main purpose is to protect the entire enterprise from any unexpected disasters from panicking instead of doing essential emergency techniques. Likewise, both employers and employees are required to attend and listen during the entire coaching.

Subscribing in such training could thereby help a business produce their own well-trained employee on hazardous materials. The US Department of Transportation gave a few absolute definitions of what a hazmat employee really is. See these specifications below:

(1) A hazmat employee is a person who is currently employed, part-time or full-time, by a hazmat employer whose business is inclined to any hazardous materials which may directly affect transportation safety.
(2) The person has a business or is self-employed and whose business is transferring critical materials for business purposes that may as well affect directly transportation safety.
(3) A person who works as a railroad signalman or a railroad way maintenance.

Moreover, a hazmat employee is generally termed for individuals who work either part-time or full-time, casual or maybe a self-employed individual who actively:

(1) handles dangerous materials.
(2) designs, fabricates, maintains, tests, and repairs a certified and qualified hazardous material in business
(3) settles hazardous materials before disposal to commerce
(4) monitors the safety of hazardous materials transposition
(5) drives or owns a transport that delivers dangerous materials that may affect transportation safety.

The above persons are entitled to be called as a hazmat employee, based on the DOT's given descriptions. And being one would entitle a person to the following:

(1) General Hazmat Training
This includes broad and general knowledge about what Hazmat is all about. The training's main goal is to let them familiarize all the requirements as well as all the hazardous materials that meet the standards of the hazard communication of the sub-chapter.

(2) Functions Training
A hazmat employee should be given specific roles in relation to hazmat training; thus, a function-specific training should be given to each of the participants. Alternatively, if a function-specific training is not available, any training that pertains to the ICAO Technical Instructions and IMDG Code requirements may be given. The latter should be fully recognized and authorized by some points in the sub-chapter.

(3) Safety Drill
A hazmat employee should be trained with the following safety and precautions drill:
*Emergency response
*How to react during disasters and helpful measures to protect oneself from hazardous materials especially in the work place
*Measures to avoid unwanted incidents

(4) Broad Awareness and Security Training
All hazmat employees should be given full training and understanding about their job, the hazardous materials and work they handle and some tips on how to properly react and at the same time overcome potential security threats.

(5) Full-scale and Comprehensive Security Training
This includes training a hazmat employee on how to create or carry out a security plan. This comprehensive training should speak about the overall security goals, procedures, responsibilities of each employee, specific measures to take during security breach events and lastly, the overall security organizational structure.

The above details should now let you fully understand what a hazmat employee is - his responsibilities as well as his rights to learning the proper hazardous materials training.

Managing Your Business' Online Reputation Is More Critical Than Ever Before

Online reputation management can be a potent method for a company or organization to regulate its online reputation on social websites. Due to the fact a business' online reputation will have a major effect on consumer brand perception and potential revenue, it is important to ensure that a business' online reputation stays favourable, whenever possible. The subsequent guide examines the way online status management methods can help strengthen a company's web reputation.

Although Facebook and Twitter are incredibly well-known social interaction services, it's important to remember that there are additional social networks that happen to be developing at a very quick pace. As an example, Google+ and Google Places have grown to be significant competitors for Facebook. com.

Google+ and Google Places can be potent marketing tools for a lot of small companies and organizations. With these Google services, it's possible to promote an organization for minimal to no cost. While Google+ and Google Places can be a fantastic way to market a business, they also open up a company to the likelihood of public complaint. The following guide provides uncomplicated how-to's on how to make these Google services help one's business.

Google+ debuted in mid-2010 being a competitor to Facebook. While the early version of Google+ did not generate a lot of attention, it has evolved into a viable alternate to Facebook. com. Considering that Google+ does not allow applications or other third party tools, it may possibly provide a cleaner social media experience for many folks.

When promoting a small business on the search engines or on Google Places, you need to fully grasp how social networking may affect consumer brand opinion and potential sales. Through building a well-designed profile, it is possible to generate new business.

Google+ may have an impressive effect on a site's rating in Google's search engine result pages (SERP). With the new debut of authorship positioning, Google will give a greater rank to websites which have been connected to a Google+ account with a favourable standing. Considering that a Google+ account having a positive standing suggests that it is legitimate, Google is happy to permit sites belonging to the user profile to experience greater rankings.

It's also important to understand how Google Places can have a direct impact on a small business. Google Places was developed as a good substitute to services like Yelp. By way of testimonials, it is possible for customers to find out more information regarding local companies and organizations. Nevertheless, it's essential to recognize that Google Places may have a negative or positive impact on a company.

For instance, negative critiques on Google Places can be very detrimental to a company. Because so many shoppers in big cities utilize Google Places to locate a business, unfavorable information will be very seen.

Fortunately, it is often possible to directly speak to the writers of any negative review. By bargaining as well as communicating with a negative review creator, it might be easy to get her or him to eradicate negative specifics of a company. Additionally, it could be easy to transform an individual with a poor experience in to a recurring customer in the future.

Miami Marketing online is an SEO company dedicated to the success of small local business' through strategic, cutting edge online marketing techniques. We use social media marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing and online reputation management services to promote our customer's online business.

Carry Out Successful Binary Options Trading With Effective Money Management Strategy

As binary options is the talk of the town, due to the fact that it allows you to achieve the status of a trader even with limited capital, a large number of people have indulged into it and are earning good payouts. Binary trading provides you the opportunity to trade with limited capital and little associated risk, and this is what fascinates the people. However, several events of losses while trading the binary options have been revealed, which is due to the lack of knowledge about how to carry out a successful trading.

Although, there are a number of options trading strategies that are believed to minimize the chances of loss, but the binary options money management is one strategy that is sure to provide you a breakthrough while conducting binary trade. The binary options money management is an important strategy which must not be overlooked in order to perform successful trading. It basically involves a defensive idea that guides a trader to chalk out every day's plan, keeping in view the changing circumstances. In this way, binary options money management helps you to decide whether you are in good position to trade further positions with your limited capital, and not ignore the risk factor. In short, the binary money management strategy is all about allocating your limited capital in particular trade, with the decision taken beforehand about the size of capital you can willingly lose. The three important aspects of this strategy are:

Do Not Make The Mistake To Risk A Huge Capital

The first rule that makes this strategy of binary money management an effective tool is, to invest conservatively even if you can afford to invest big amounts. Experts say that the minimum risk factor involved while trading the binary options must not be overlooked. When you invest your limited capital conservatively, you are actually minimizing the chances of losing your entire capital.


It is a matter of extreme importance that you keep on diversifying your trade bookcase. The binary trading provides you too many choices to invest. A common rule of investment is to avoid keeping all your eggs in a single basket. So, make sure that you invest even your limited capital in currencies, as well as in commodities and stocks.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Finally, the binary money management tactics direct all naive binary traders to trade in small amount. Your limited capital, to trade the binary options, is very precious. So, make sure you begin with $10 or $ 30 and increase the amount gradually, as you get thorough knowledge and experience in the field. In this way, you will get accustomed to the daily activities that occur while trading the binary options, and you will automatically learn to choose the right assets, indicators and signals for trading.

IntelliTraders is a free Binary options trading community to help traders to learn and start trading with best brokers.

Numismatic Coins Are Government Minted Precious Metals

Discussions on the ever-increasing costs of living paired with looming deflation and recession are causes for concern. Many wonder where is the cash that was inhaled out of the worldwide economic system went while wondering how to protect themselves. If bond-backing funds can not be located, how much more could the dire economic situation intensify? The United States dollar has actually shed 95 % of its value since the 1913 formation of the Federal Reserve, while silver and gold values have dramatically increased.

President Roosevelt, in the post Great Depression era, prohibited people to own physical gold. Then after 1964, aluminum and clad replaced the silver in coins. Numismatic coins finally became available when the United States and International governments started minting highest graded silver as well as gold coins. Numismatics are regarded as legal tender because they are government issued.

Precious metal values commonly follow oil prices. Although the United States has the equivalent of 300 % of Saudi Arabia's oil. Access to shale oil beneath the earth's surface in the United States, however, has been cost prohibitive. New technologies called fracking, may be used to access the US oil and natural gas, but fracking is under dispute by environmentalists and it is costly. Using oil from US turf may bring down US prices, however, and immunize the US from rising overseas oil prices. But how does that relate to silver and gold?

If oil prices decline, precious metal values typically do as well. Silver, however, also known as "poor man's gold," is used for more than tooth fillings, has much higher demand than supply for commercial operations, and is in overall short supply. Given that silver regularly follows gold in volatility, it could perhaps recede in price over a brief duration, yet the rarity of silver vs. gold, oil or gemstones, may make owning some silver coins pay off in the long run.

Numismatics come in various grades, but the highest graded numismatic coins are called Mint State 70 or MS70 graded coins, which have numismatic worth plus the value of the precious metal from which they are made. While lower graded numismatics are imperfect and don't carry the highest numismatic worth, it may be prudent to own some of them in addition to MS70 coins, due to the precious metal value in them. Bullion coins often contain synthetic silver, whereas MS70 numismatic coins are government minted, graded by experts and are easier to sell for higher values.

Get one MS70 classed coin each month with a Five year buy-back guarantee of each coin's purchase price through the Silver Premier Club. Refer three and get yours free! Start a business as a Numis Network Rep and earn residual income while collecting numismatic assets. Shipments can be made to address in the US, Canada, the UK with Australia, where Numis Network is established. For more information, visit

Different Types of Websites Designed by Web Designer Experts

You should know that not all people could have the same tastes in their searches as you and their purpose getting online are not as what you think. (Not everyone is into Facebook and Twitter, and many of them too do not turn to Google and Wikipedia for help.)The Internet is a tapestry of different websites designed by many web designer experts.

What are the different sites that are designed by web design specialists? Let us get to know some popular ones. Let us know that a website can be of one type or a combination of many types.

Search Engines

Search engines are some of the most popular sites in the world due to their billions of traffic and visitors. They generally focus on one service which they are known for: that is, to provide users information based on the relevant keywords which they key in the search bar. Google and Bing are examples of search engines.

Web Directories and Yellow Pages

Directories and yellow pages function like search engines but they only provide specific information. People mostly turned to these search directories to look for available apartments in specific areas, for business, to hire a plumber, electrician or any other blue collar professional, to search for certain services, to buy products, to look for escorts, etc. Many directories and yellow pages can be customised for searches according to region or location. Users can even post classified ads in there. Some examples are Craigslist, DMOZ, Google Places, White Pages, True Local and Hotfrog.


Portals are multi-purposed websites, meaning they are websites that offers many services. Some examples are Google, Yahoo MSN and AOL. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and it also offers social networking (through its flagship Google+), email (Gmail) and blogging (Blogspot), among many other services. Many known portals moonlight as search engines, web directories, news sites, email service providers and even article submission directory.

Information Websites

Information sites dedicates itself to providing information cater to one specific niche industry or can even widen their scope (becoming portals on the way). They can be a religious website, a political website, website run by government agencies, a school's official website, an online encyclopaedia (like Wikipedia) or a news, business, fashion, sports, music or showbiz website.

Personal Websites

A personal website is managed by a single individual to put online whatever they want. Many professionals, especially IT professionals, writers, photographers and designers, make use of personal websites to showcase their portfolio and skills.


Blogs are somewhat like personal websites, only that they moonlight as personal diaries where its users (called bloggers) have the liberty to express their thoughts and post whatever they want for their followers or readers to read. This is the type of website which users can able to share a bit of themselves to the public (no nudity allowed, just emotions, reactions, opinions and some other stuff). Users can create blog using free services like WordPress and Blogspot or use micro-blogging services like Twitter.

Company Websites

Many commercial and industrial establishments like fashion retail, hotels and resorts, restaurants and manufacturing companies maintain websites to provide their users information about the business and its services and product offering. A certain business should maintain a website to connect with its customers and make new clients too.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have many varied uses today. Its primary purpose is to enable users to connect with their family, friends or acquaintances and even help locate lost ones and past colleagues. People now use social networking sites to get news updates on known people or events, look jobs or attract new customers to the business, reason why users like pages of certain entities and businesses create accounts. Popular social networking sites include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.


Forums intend to bring like-minded users with common interests for interaction. There are many forums which cater to interests such as movies, music, sports, politics, religion, ethnicity and certain people, including celebrities. You can come across forums dedicated to your favourite rock band, TV, celebrity or football player.

Online Shopping Websites

Many retail firms set up websites where they can sell their goods and services to their customers online. There are even sites where registered users can post their items for sell. This enables people to buy their goods online without having to leave home. Popular online shopping websites include Amazon and eBay.

File, Photo and Video Sharing Sites

There are websites where users can upload images, documents, audio and videos online for other to read and watch and even download them. This includes, YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo (for videos), Flickr and Pinterest (for images) and Slideshare and Issuu (for PDFs).

These are just some of the types of websites that many web design in Sydney specialists help create and develop. They are all created for people with different purposes.

David Rowallan, a Blogger and a practicing Internet Marketing in I want to share my skills and experience about internet marketing by writing articles and sharing through internet, Blogging, sharing pictures and videos, and engaging into social media sites.

5 Tips in Hiring a Freight Forwarder Agent

In the import and export business, hiring the best logistics partner or shifting to another logistics provider to replace your current is a tough decision to make. Every industry has different requirements for their freight forwarder. Based on the industry or what type of cargo is being transported, the expectations on a freight forwarder may vary. For some companies, it is simply to transport their cargo from one place to another in an affordable rate. However, for others, it is more than a just a forwarding process because their business depends on the safe and timely transportation of their goods. This is why you need to hire a company that you could definitely rely on when it comes to transporting your products. Here are some tips to help you choose the best logistics partner for your business.

    Specify your requirements. You need to determine your specific needs such as weight, value and size. Once you have given these details to the forwarding company, you can ask for an accurate quote. Some forwarders may offer higher rates than others but do not always guarantee efficient services. Therefore, it is necessary to get multiple quotes from other companies to find the best deal for you.

    Conduct research. It always helps to ask other experienced exporters to recommend a dependable agent that you can hire. Afterwards, do your own research to find out if the agent or the company they recommended has the qualities that you are looking for. If not, then by all means, go find another. Don't settle for the first agent that you come across. Instead, give yourself a lot of options to choose from. There are a lot of reputable freight forwarding agents that offer competitive rates and reliable services. All you have to do is exert a little effort to find them.

    Experience is the best policy. Make sure that the agent or company that you are going to hire has years of experience in transferring certain types of goods. There are some countries that have specific import and export rules. You need to determine whether the agent has enough knowledge on that area or not. Freight forwarders can also give you some helpful tips and advice on international trading. So make sure that your agent does not only provide efficient transport services but valuable information as well.

    Know about the contract. You need to know what type of contract the forwarder agent uses. Some forwarders require their service contracts to be renewed yearly while others do it per shipment.

    Ask questions regarding their preferred carriers. Some agents use carriers such as marginal airlines, FedEx, trucking firms or steamship companies. It is also important to ask about the other services they offer. Some forwarding agents can help you accomplish customs clearance requirements and other necessary documentation. Other forwarders also offer insurance services, inventory management and logistics and supply-chain management of certain value-added activities.

To know more about how freight forwarders Australia can help you with your import/export business, visit the UC Brokers website. You can also hire the best freight forwarding agents by clicking on the following links.

How to Make Sure Your Maintenance Staff

There are some businesses that are going to be able to take care of the maintenance for their business on their own. This is especially true if you own a small store or perhaps a mom-and-pop business in your local area. Larger businesses, however, often have a need to incorporate a maintenance staff in their business. This is important, as you would want to ensure that everything was up and running at any given time. What are some of the things that you should expect when operating this type of business, and how can you make sure that the business runs as smoothly as possible?

The first thing that I would like to mention is the fact that we are in a different time than what we were just a few short decades ago. Although it is still going to be necessary for the maintenance personnel to work at getting the job done, there are ways to organize your staff so that things get done more smoothly. For example, using EAM software will help you to identify when certain projects need to be done. This type of software can alert you to anything from the need to change a lightbulb, all the way to larger maintenance items that need to be done periodically. The obvious benefit to using this type of software is the fact that things will be kept running on a consistent basis. That will help to reduce the likelihood that a machine or other item will break down when it is needed.

Another aspect of the software that you will find to your benefit is the fact that it can help to improve your ticket system. An example of this can be seen if you are operating a large-scale rental property and are running maintenance tickets regularly. The last thing that you would want to have happen is for one of those tickets to go missing or perhaps to be overlooked for any number of different reasons. If you have the EAM software set up properly, it will help to improve the ticket system so that those problems will be less likely to occur. Not only will it help to develop the tickets and to assign them, you will be able to see when they are done and what was done on the project.

Stocking items for your maintenance crew is something that should take priority. The unfortunate thing is that there are going to be times when you are going to miss something and will be out of a particular item. That can be both inconvenient for your staff and for the individual that needs the work done. Using asset management software will help to reduce these problems to a minimum and will assist your staff in being well stocked at any given time. It is still going to be necessary to take a physical inspection of the inventory from time to time, but even that will be kept to a minimum. When used properly, this type of software is going to improve your productivity and help your entire operation to run smoothly.

The author of this article is working as an IT consultant. He has been in this field for a number of years and was involved in a bunch of small to large projects involving asset management software and EAM for all types of companies.

How To Waste Your Time With Cloud Services Telemarketing

You may deny it, but there is no way you can reject the possibility you might be doing something that is actually wasting the time of your IT telemarketing campaign. That can be a really problem, especially if you have outsourced it to a professional IT lead generation company. This is a risk that you might not be able to afford, especially if you are in the cloud hosting business. Given the level of competition in this part of the cloud computing industry, you will need to know what the things that might be slowing you down are. You may not realize it, but these might cost you a huge deal from the cloud hosting leads that you could have been able to generate. So, what are these seemingly innocent actions, then?

1. Overload in the wrong work - keep in mind that there are some things that you are good at, and there are some things that you are not. For example, if calling prospects on the phone is not your forte, then it is high time that you let someone else do the job. Outsourcing to a professional IT telemarketing agency can be a smart investment.

2. You delay the easy ones - when faced with the easy tasks, it is often easy to just delay them. Actually, you shouldn't since this you end up having a lot of work later that you will not be able to handle the easy tasks by then. Word of advice: do them now.

3. You breathe down the necks of your employees - if you keep finding yourself constantly managing you employees, then you might have to take a closer look at them. If they perform poorly, you might really have to let them go. But in the first place, why did you end up hiring them? You might need to make a check on your hiring process, too.

4. You look at the daily details - if you want to think strategically, you have to manage your time. And that includes blocking out any event that might distract you. There are a lot of these, everyday. You just need to know when to focus so that you can plan well.

5. Your social media plan is too vague - that is a problem faced by some small companies that fail to consider what their business really is. Or it is possible that the message they are sending is misinterpreted by the prospects and the market at large.

6. Reinventing the wheel - sometimes, there are projects that really lose steam in the end. But there are some of us who still insist on holding on to them, even though these projects are no longer viable. These essentially waste your time.

7. You keep on repeating your replies - one way to really waste your time is to constantly answer customer and prospect questions that keep repeating again and again. In this case, you might have to set up some information system so that they will no longer go to you anymore.

Yes, these are seemingly innocent enough, but are a complete waste of time. Well, if you cannot avoid them, you can always delegate some of your tasks to others, for example, outsourcing to IT-specialized telemarketing services providers to support your plans.

Phillip Mckenzie is a successful lead generation and appointment setting consultant specializing in IT Telemarketing. To know more about IT Telemarketing, Phillip recommends you to visit

Sell Your Business - And Make It A Worthwhile Deal

The story of an enterprise is mostly scripted in hard work, ensuring the germ of an idea takes off, and then, toiling away to ensure it works. Selling a business that you have invested long hours hard work and emotions in, can get difficult. It is also difficult for owners to come up with an accurate price and one that reflects the worth of the company correctly as well as the future earnings from it.

When you are all set to sell your business, keep in mind that you will have to carry out the hard work yourself. Irrespective of the industry you operate in and the reputation enjoyed by your business, you may still need to ensure favorable circumstances for the sale.

Be patient; do not rush

Acquisitions rarely happen overnight. Even if you are ready to sell your business, take note that there may not always be a ready buyer for it. When a company is bought over, it is usually a combination of several factors that ensure things fall into place. You may need to bide your time, wait for the right buyer to come by, and of course - quote the right price for your business.

At times, you may need to help the investor as well. Some investors need time to make the entire payment, and till such a time, you are provided with a note that assures you of the payment, together with interest. In times of cut-throat competition, if you find a buyer or investor that you trust, you can consider the option of a payment delay if it can guarantee a better future.

Make yourself visible

If you thought that carrying on your daily business and ensuring happy clients is all it takes to sell your company well, you could be wrong! Your clients may have little role to play when you think of selling your business finally. Networking is key. Ensure brand recall for your business by undertaking networking and ensuring that you participate in industry events such as conferences or trade shows related to your industry, etc.

Ensuring investor trust can be a tough task, but a popular brand image can help you carry out the sale effectively and speedily.

Keep a plan ready

If you've been trying to sell your business, you should keep a plan at hand. Irrespective of whether you'd like to sell it off immediately or after a while, you should make a note of how you'd like to get it done. Would you like to announce an IPO? Or go in for a merger? Or would you look at selling your business through acquisition by a big company? Make sure you have a plan handy. Not only does this help you clinch the right price, it will help you reach your goal rapidly.

Sunbelt Mergers & Acquisitions are specialists in M&A advisory services. The company believes in value harvesting when selling a business; with this approach, they move beyond financial and regulatory boundaries alone, and evaluate businesses on the basis of their value drivers and detractors. Their services consist of professional support in the areas of exit planning, value assessment, strategic buyer identification, etc. They also conduct professional negotiations, deal structuring, confidential client marketing, and discreet private auctions, among others.

Skillselect - What You Need to Do

So, you are interested in migrating to Australia as a skilled worker or professional and want to know more about how to go about doing it?

You may have heard that the Australian Government has now changed the way migrants apply for visas. This method is called SkillSelect and is an online system in which you have to complete what is called an Expression of Interest or EOI.

The EOI is a record of information about you and your skills which potential employers in Australia or the various government bodies in that country may use to decide whether to "invite" you to apply for a visa. Only then will you be allowed to apply for a visa. The hope is that it allows Australia to choose the people that fit their requirements and speed up the whole system of visa applications and make it more streamlined.

What do you need to do before you put in an EOI?

Before you go online on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website to submit an EOI, you need to think what you will need to include. The most important things are:

How well do you speak English?

The Australian Government wants all migrants to speak English as well as possible, as it thinks that they will not only do their job well but they will fit into Australian society better too. If you speak English as your first language and have a passport from a country like the U.S.A., Canada, or the U.K., then you will have no problems but, if not, then you will need to show that you have a minimum level of English. The best way to do this is to complete an IELTS test. The minimum level for skilled migration is IELTS level 5, but the actual level depends on the job you intend to do in Australia.

What skills do you have?

While Australia is short of many skilled workers, who it really wants changes from year to year and also from place to place. You will need to show that you have certain minimum qualifications which will be acceptable in Australia and to do this you will need to complete a Skills Assessment if you are outside Australia or a Job Ready Program if you are in Australia already e.g. if you are a student.

Where would you like to live in Australia?

Many migrants, just like ordinary Australians, either prefer the big cities, places where relatives or their own original countrymen live or a town near or on the coast. This is quite understandable, but many other places in Australia are short of skilled workers, while the more popular places to live often have too many skilled workers already. It is definitely an advantage if you think about living and working in what the Australian Government calls "regional Australia".

Do you have all your documents ready?

You do not need to have any documents for the EOI at all, but if you are invited to apply for a visa then you will definitely need documents for everything - language ability, skills, qualifications, work experience, medical and health checks, character and criminal record checks and so on and these documents will need to be translated into English by an approved translator if they are in another language.

Accepting Returns for Jewelry That Doesn't Sell: Good or Bad Idea?

When planning the best business practices for your jewelry brand, there are a lot of things to consider. We have already spoken about SMART sales tactics, the best way to handle Celeb Freebies, and how to deal with Net Terms.

As your business begins to grow, you might find yourself dealing with other issues. Hopefully your collection sells through every time. However, what do you do when a buyer calls you up and wants to return or trade jewelry from past seasons that did not sell?

The question is loaded.

It really comes down to building a relationship with the buyer and achieving the long terms goals of both parties in the relationship.

A jewelry designer friend of mine received a call from a store a few days ago that she had worked with two or three years prior. The request was a common one in this economy:


Is exchanging jewelry that didn't sell a good idea? Or is it a bad business practice?

This is where it comes down to the relationship. My friend did something that most designers might be fearful of when they are first starting out:

'She clearly stated that they would need to reorder twice the dollar amount of the exchange in order to accept the trade in.'

Why is this wise?

1. It creates a policy and a standard for your business. You have more negotiating ground in general when you have clear-cut policies.

2. When you have clear policies, you can better form long term relationships with your clients. There is no guessing as to how to proceed.

3. If a store wants to continue to be a partner with you, it's a good idea to swap things out as long as they order. Usually the reorder will be more than the required amount.

4. If they choose not to continue to partner with you, you have a firm ground to refuse the request, saving you a huge amount of hassle, time and money so you can focus on revenue streams that will help grow your jewelry business.

If your partner does decide to reorder when you trade, they have a stronger commitment to your jewelry brand and greatly appreciate your flexibility and the contribution to the relationship. When they don't, they are demonstrating that they do not have a commitment to building a partnership with you.

You conversely don't have much of a reason to sink money and energy into a relationship that is NOT working.

I hope this helps you out.

Have you had requests to return or trade in jewelry that doesn't sell? If so, how did you handle the situation? We want to know so pop us a note in the comments below.