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Sustainable Development in Smart Phone

A latest report showed the operating profit of Apple and Samsung in the second quarter accounted for 108% of the industry. As a dominant company in smart phone field, Apple would still maintain good selling performance, so would Samsung. Facing the financial crisis and so strong competitors, what should other smart phone manufacturers do to fight for their own living space; applying sustainable development in the smart phone is an excellent and long-term choice.

Sustainable development means to satisfy the requirements of contemporary people without damaging the interests of future generations. From the definition, sustainable development capacity and green awareness are two inevitable basic requirements. Then how to apply sustainable development in the smartphone production?

First, develop a new solar charger.

The use of new energy is always an item emphasized by various manufacturers and countries. In the smart phone field, the use of new energy will undoubtedly become a huge value-added point. As we all know, the short maintain time is a common flaw of various smart phones, so a new a solar charger can be designed, then in sunny days, users can use the smart phone along with indirectly charging for it, which not only can save the electricity consumption when charging, but also can remain sufficient power, improving the situation of carrying charger whenever going out.

Second, emphasize the application of environmental protection.

80% respondents in China concern whether the product is environmental friendly, 65% care the environmental situation of the company and 51% prefer green product though a little more expensive. Environmental protection is a social concern but more part of corporate responsibility. A company's green image will not only be a plus of the brand, but even directly generate profits, which shows if along the direction of environmental protection, any product or corporate will be the darling of the market, according to a report.

The popularity of ultra-thin smart phone is also connected with the sense of green. Because the thin machine body can be carried easily and achieves streamline and save in the use of a variety of materials and devices. So, in the aspect of environmental protection, smart phone can make progress in designing streamline and small phones, besides, the choice of the machine body's color can be green that expresses the sense of hope, freshness and clean.

At last, pursue innovation, emphasizing innovation-driven growth market with long-term growth potential, which is especially expressed in the definition of sustainable development. Sustain means no stop; innovation can always keep and increase corporeity's vitality. Simon Electronics, a company with business spreading in over 190 countries, invested 3.925 billion euro in the research and development of 2011, accounting for 5.3% of the turnover of Simon Electronics. Only through constant innovation can the company develop sustainably; it is the constant innovation and introduction of iPhone series and Galaxy series that lay the foundation of Apple and Samsung's leading position in the market share.

Who will dominate the smartphone market in the future depends on the struggling of today. Put the concept of sustainable development into product design and develop, introducing new green smart phone is the right direction of development. If doing so, the next victor may be you. Act now; hold the application of sustainable development in the smart phone.

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